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Monday, August 22, 2005

Katamari Damacy and Everything

Vegetables, Fruit, Food, Snacks, Japanese Food, Drinks, Cooking, Trash, Cleaning, Reading, Stationary, Fashion, Sound, Sports, Powerful, Playtime, Games, Containers, Decorations, Necessities, Rain, Electronics, Furniture, Post, Luggage, Gardening, Flowers, Communication, Tools, Summer, Police, Science, Rich, Lighting, Hot, Cold, Seating, Weapons, Danger, Measuring, Art, Control, Japan, Festival, Celebration, Evil, Heros, School, Playground, Energy, Farming, ?, Symbols, Houses, Stores, Facilities, Partitions, Entrances & Exits, Roadways, Vending Machines, Advertising, Guidance, Plants, ?, Wheels, Transport, ?, Romance, Children, Teenagers, Adulsts, Workers, Professionals, ?, Cute, Livestock, Fierce, Aquarium, Wings, Animals.

Celestial-Empire-ish taxonomy of everything in the world as presented to players of Katemari Damacy, an insanely addictive and bizarre game for the PS2 that I'm now wasting many hours playing. Question marks are as-yet unrevealed categories.

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