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Saturday, August 18, 2007

MobileDevCamp Dallas

MobileDevCamp comes to Dallas next Saturday, August 25th. The idea is that you show up in the morning with either the burning desire to create a mobile application, or mad development/design skilz you want to share. You leave in the evening having contributed to getting a real, live mobile application up and running. Check it out and sign up at:


The event is being run by developers and designers, for developers and designers and there's no admission charge. Newbies and old hands are encouraged to show up and work on everything from iPhone targeted HTML sites to Symbian and Windows Mobile. Whatever you want, as long as it runs on something you can carry around in your pocket.

The technology knowledge will be first rate, but I expect the most important result will be getting to know the best, most passionate developers and designers in Texas. Chris says check it out

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Anonymous Bill Erickson said...

I signed up to attend (back when it was iPhoneDevDallas), but it's the same day as BarCampHouston so I'm going to miss it. Wish I could make it out though

10:24 AM  
Blogger cks said...

Yeah, I was bummed when I found out they were the same day. I was planning on heading down the Houston but felt like I needed to show Dallas (well, Southlake, whatever) some love.

2:13 PM  

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