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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

DayTripr and OpenID

I'm frantically adding demoable stuff to DayTripr in preparation for Demo Camp Dallas 1 next week. I just finished up a really half-baked integration with OpenID. OpenID is an important part of the "war against the portals"[1], but let's face it, no real user is going to log in via OpenID any time soon. But I couldn't help myself. The uncontrollable urge to implement is a hazard of being a technologist, I suppose. Next up: A Public Content Sharing proof of concept. Equally useless in the short term, equally fun to code. I am a weak person.

[1] Deportalization. Don't like that term, need a new one. Anybody remember Jefferson's Mosquito Fleet from American History class? Never mind, mustn't be negative.

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Blogger Adam Keys said...

I'm dipping my toe in the OpenID waters as well. Did you see Simon Willison's Yahoo proxy for OpenID authentication? I think that alone makes OpenID somewhat viable for a large number of people.

9:11 AM  

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