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Friday, December 26, 2008

OpenSocial Dev Garage Dallas

=== UPDATE ===

We've got a page on the opensocial.org wiki. This page is the canonical reference for all things OpenSocial Dev Garage Dallas (except the signups, which are still on Upcoming)

If you're developing Facebook apps, it's inevitable that you'll eventually also be developing for the "everybody but Facebook" OpenSocial API. Over the past couple of months, the API has stabilized substantially, and it's probably about time to check it out.

OpenSocial Dev Garage Dallas is your chance to write your first "Hello Friends" application in a supportive group environment. If you're more into writing containers than the gadgets that populate them, we're also planning to have a breakout session on implementing the API so your application can be an OpenSocial gadget host.

The event is planned for Sat, January 17th at the amazing new Cohabitat coworking space in Dallas's historic State-Thomas neighborhood. In the interest of keeping things focused we're capping attendance at 25 people:


If there's enough demand, we may be able to open up some more space, but I'd recommend signing up now if you want to guarantee a spot!

See you there!

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