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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Talis Connected Commons

I've got a Talis Platform developer instance that I've been using to host a tiny subset of the information from the National Register of Historic Places database. I spent some time this weekend at VoCampAustin trying to get the rest ontologized, and I was wondering what I was going to do when it came time to host the entire data set. Luckily for me Talis just announced the Talis Connected Commons:
...if you own, or are creating, a public domain dataset then you can store that data in the Platform as RDF, for free. We’re setting an initial cap of 50 million triples on each dataset, but thats should be plenty of space in which to collect some really interesting data.
While Amazon will "host" your public data set, that just means they provide some free disk space you can use from within your EC2 instance: you've still got to pay for bandwidth. With the Connected Commons, Talis takes care of those pesky bandwidth charges. I'm sure there are "within reason" disclaimers in there somewhere, but for anyone considering RDF-izing and publishing public data sets, the Talis offer is definitely worth checking out.

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