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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Frustrated with Dallas

Union Square Ventures, the New York-based venture capital firm famous for its Web 2.0 investments (Foursquare, Meetup, tumblr, Twitter, delicious, Feedburner, etc) recently announced that they're hiring an investment analyst and a general manager. They invited anybody who was interested to send them links to their web presence, and the staff at USV would use that instead of a resume. Kinda cool.

In a followup post, they mapped the applicants. Nobody from Dallas applied for the general manager position, and only a couple could stir themselves to apply for the analyst spot.

Anybody who wanted to could apply. No old-boy network, no experience absolutely required (although they did have some "ideal candidate" desiderata). And Dallas just couldn't be bothered.

I'm very frustrated with Dallas.

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Blogger Daniel said...

FWIW I'm not sure lack of awareness of venture fund hirings should be something to get upset about. I work for a venture-funded startup, one of only a couple I know of in DFW (Jake Good being the other I know of... Adam Keys as well, of course, but he's relocating), and I didn't know about this thing. (Of course, I'm not looking for work, let alone work w/in a venture fund.)

Just because people who want to work for/with the money aren't in Dallas doesn't mean anything, either. Those people *should* be in the valley or in NYC (or, marginally, Boston I guess). But those of us who want access to that money (as if any of us have ideas or an execution track-record worthy of it) don't have to be there. Our CEO is in Virginia, COO in Florida, and CTO in New Mexico. Most of our talent is in South Carolina and New Mexico. But we're a valley company.

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