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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bar Camp Austin

Bar Camp Austin is this weekend. It's a Bar Camp. In Austin. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," you say, "I went to the one in Dallas, what more is there to be experienced?" Well, I'll tell ya, Whurley has one a heck of a shindig prepared for those SXSWi naysayers who choose to spend Saturday with the unconference crowd. I mean, just look at that poster. There's been some buzz that Austin is where Bar Camps go Hollywood (despite there having been one in LA last weekend), but I can tell you for sure that I'm going to be there. You should be there, too. Look me up and say "howdy." And no, I don't know why discussing Austin brings out the Texan in me while actually living in Dallas doesn't. Or maybe I do. We can discuss it further in Austin this weekend, after my presentation: "Event Mirror: What happened when and why"


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