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Monday, October 16, 2006

DayTripr : Soft Launch

I "soft launched" DayTripr on Sunday. There's just enough there for friends and family to start helping with basic workflow testing and building up some initial content. Feel free. Fresh eyes have been spotting lots of problems I never noticed or had gotten used to. It's been a little depressing to find so many issues, but making something simple takes a lot of work.[1] I'm glad I resisted the urge to add more features before launch or I'd never have it all working right.

Within a couple of hours DayTripr had it's first sign up from somebody I hadn't personally invited. I took some log perusal to figure out that they'd found the del.icio.us bookmark I'd added as a convenience for testing on different browser/machine combos. Some further digging revealed this little gem of site.[2] At first I was appalled. You know that feeling you get when you look at your driver's license photo? Then again, I asked for it.

[1] "I have only made this letter rather long because I have not had time to make it shorter." Pascal. Lettres provinciales, 16, Dec. 14, 1656.
[2] http://betamuseum.blogspot.com "Web2.0 Sites Museum". Is it meant as a subtle dig? The "museum" part seems sort of final. There's a cultural gap in there somewhere. On the upside, I've been getting a steady trickle of hits and I've enjoyed reading through the other, uh, exhibits. On balance, I'm flattered.


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