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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

BarCamp Dallas

I've grown sick of my own whinging about the lack of a technology community here in Dallas and have decided to do start doing something about it. The first step was the Future Development Kit podcast, the second step is to see about getting us a BarCamp.

Now, you might say (as did several people on the #barcamp irc channel when I brought up the idea), Austin would be a much better place to have a BarCamp. It has a thriving technology community, and it's cooler. Which is true. But I live in Dallas, not Austin. That people think of Austin first is an indication that Dallas needs a BarCamp more than Austin does. Plus, although we have fewer geeks-per-capita, we have a bigger population, and thus more geeks total.

So how about it, North Texas geeks and geekettes? Volunteers? Attendees? Suggestions for venues? Suggestions I'm crazy? Respond here, or email barcamp at distributopia.com

Update: http://barcamp.org/index.cgi?BarCampDallas

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