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Friday, January 23, 2009

CoHabitat in 90 Seconds

Quick video from today's Jelly at CoHabitat. I'm posting it as much to play around with Vimeo embedding as anything else, but it definitely gives the flavor of the place:

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

OSDGD: Introduction to OpenSocial Presentation

OpenSocial Dev Garage Dallas is over, the mess has been cleaned up, and pretty much everyone has gone home. The pizza Traxo sponsored was delicious, the coffee Praxis Bridge provided helped get people going, and the CoHabitat venue rocked. There were a couple new faces, and I'm pretty sure we've added to the group of regulars who show up at this kind of stuff in Dallas.

For reference, here's a copy of the presentation slides from the morning session:

The idea was to get people up and running with an OpenSocial application as quickly as possible, so I skipped over the normally obligatory history, motivation and background in favor of getting to the good stuff right away. I think it worked out well, although I suspect that for a couple of people in the audience the information was too basic. It's always hard to decide on a target level, and I'm happy enough overall. I think getting a more detailed agenda with a presentation outline posted in advance would have helped people judge better.

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