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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Dallas Big Data Micro Hackathon

Tape library, CERN, Geneva 2
Tuesday, March 22nd at Cohabitat in Dallas, Texas a group of geeks is getting together to write code to process Big Data. There will likely be a group getting Hadoop up and running on laptops ("Hello, World" level), and possibly a group working with Cassandra and MapReduce on EC2 ("I actually have a real-life problem to solve" level) but anyone who's serious about Big Data is invited. You can sign up at:
"Big Data" isn't a formally defined term, but the general idea is that if your data set could fit on a single disk or be easily hosted inside a normal relational database it's not big data. Google calculating PageRank for every site they index? LinkedIn doing a complete social graph analysis for every user? Those are definitely Big Data problems. Technologies like MapReduce (see Hadoop) and certain kinds of highly scalable NoSQL databases (see Cassandra) fall under the heading, but it's a big tent and there are many other possibilities.
The event is free, but the idea is to keep the group small and focused, so spaces are limited. Sign up at: http://dbdmh.eventbrite.com

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