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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dallas Bootstrap Network

The resurgent Dallas chapter of the Bootstrap Network had its first meeting tonight at the Tipperary Inn. Although the conversation drifted off into tech-geekiness several times (we were heavy on the software side) we ended up with some good, business-related discussion. The topics included finding a good lawyer (special-purpose Texas legal code and general startup), marketing and other biz-stuff for software geeks, and the pros and cons of selling to the enterprise versus consumers. And, uh, Kevin Marvin was looking for a time-warping device to add more hours to his day. There was general agreement that Mondays are a better bet for meetings, and, I think, sufficient enthusiasm that a meeting next month is in order. We kept it to about an hour for the official part of the proceedings, with another hour's worth of general drinking and (mild) carousing.

Ok, so it makes for a boring blog entry. I guess you had to be there. Pictures under the "bootstrapdallas" tag on Flickr.

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