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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bar Camp Houston

Bar Camp Houston is going on right now. I'm disappointed I didn't get to go, especially since I got to talk with Erica O'Grady at SXSWi and saw her enthusiasm and energy first hand. I have a suspicion this is going to be a pretty good Bar Camp. Not too many pictures up on flickr yet, but I'm looking forward to participating vicariously as things heat up.

I'm in NYC for the summer (thus my absence from the Houston event) and I'm hoping I can convince Bar Camp NYC organizer emeritus Amit Gupta to step up to the plate again for a Bar Camp NYC II timed to coincide with the Bar Camp Earth extravaganza. I suppose depending on somebody else for a Bar Camp is not keeping with the spirit of the thing, but Amit set the bar intimidatingly high with the first NYC camp, and I'm hoping he'll take the lead on this one. The summer is going fast, though, and there's really not that much time left till August...

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Blogger Erica said...

Hey Chris,

We missed you at BarCampHouston -- Hope you'll join us next time...and I'll be sure and give Amit a prod for you (if you haven't talked him into helping host BarCampNYC II yet ;)


6:24 PM  

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