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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bar Camp Austin III : The (Practical) Semantic Web

Whether you buy into the big-V Vision or not, the big-S Semantic Web folks have built a ton of cool technology. Join Taylor Cowan, Dan Connolly and me at BarCampAustinIII and find out how you can put that technology to work, today.

Want more details? Check out this interview by Lynn Bender at geek austin.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Giannibicego Hoa Tran for President

Normally I stay away from politics in this blog, but the Texas presidential primaries are such a hoot I couldn't help myself. The Democratic hybrid-primary is good for a laugh, but Alex Muse's blog post on voting with his son had one small reference ("Who is Hoa Tran?") that really caught my eye. Who is Hoa Tran?

Dr. Giannibicego Hoa Tran is a Republican presidential candidate. She is from Houston, and she is amazing. She is amazing because: (a) there is virtually no information on the Internet about her (how is that possible? a plot by the liberal media?) and (b) she invented cures for bird flu and anthrax.

Did any other candidate cure bird flu and anthrax? No, they did not. Clinton has a plan for curing bird flu and anthrax some day, Obama will make you feel better about bird flu and anthrax in a sort of non-specific way, McCain will invade bird flu and anthrax and occupy them for 100 years, but only Hoa Tran has cured bird flu and anthrax.

As the links below reveal, she is foreign-born, but that hasn't stopped other foreign-born Republican candidates like John McCain (Panama), Rudy Giuliani (NYC), Alan Keyes (Mars) and Ron Paul (Planet-of-the- compelling-ideas-that-dissolve-into-a-nutty-tasting-peanut-
butter-like-substance- when-looked-at-too-closely), so I really don't see that as a barrier.

Vote Hoa Tran!

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